Hi, I am Pedro Rangel.

I am a creative photographer and content creator from Porto but looking for my next adventure wherever it might take me.

My journey in photography started when i bought my first camera in my 3rd year studying Graphic Design back in 2016. I always was a very visual-driven person and I thought that meant design but I was wrong, when i started experimenting with a camera I knew that was the visual medium i wanted to pursue and create. Don't get me wrong I still like design very much and still can work and do some projets of it but that's in a backseat of my journey for now.

In 2016 I started to post what I wanted to create in Instagram and it started to get some attention with people, magazines, TV and brands. So I started to act upon the attention my hobby was getting and in 2018 I began calling myself a professional photographer and do some freelance work. Since then I did all kind of events and worked with brands like Samsung, Castelbel, Backson's, Rosegal, Arvo and Momondo. In 2019 I also worked as a media content creator for the startup Barkyn for the whole year which helped me with my knowledge about marketing, growing a business and working together with a full team.

I'm open to work as a freelance but also would love to integrate a team of creatives as well.

On my free time I love to travel (making some travel videos soon from my past years). listening to music and also movies and tv shows take way too much of my time. I'm obsessed with the art of making films and hope to one day be a cinematographer.

porto, portugal